'Zing - Amazing Grace for Kids

  'Zing - Amazing Grace for Kids  
Teaching Kids to know Jesus better and to serve Him more.
Kids - have we got a fun time planned for you!  You are invited to your very own worship time.

'Zing - Elementary School (Grades K-4)
9:45-10:00am - Check in at the sign-in table.  
Get a name tag, then head down the hall for some singing and games.

10:00-10:45am - Leaders engage kids with Activities, Bible Lessons, & Worship

10:50am - The kids are escorted into church to join mom and dad for singing, prayers, and worship.
In September--

God desires a relationship with us. That’s why He created us in the first place. When we sinned and broke that relationship, God continued to pursue us.  God sacrificed His only Son to make it possible for us to have a relationship with Him again.  Jesus demonstrated friendship in the most generous way possible. He showed us the greatest love when He laid down His life for His friends. He went to the cross, not on principle or for a cause, but because of love and wanting to be with us forever. 

Memory Verse for September:  


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In October --

In Psalm 24:1, we read, The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, (NIV). In other words, whatever we have isn’t really ours. God created the entire world— the land and sea, planets and galaxies, animals and 

people. And when people create, those people do so because of the gift and talents that God gave them. It’s our job to take care of what God has loaned us for a time to use in order to bring Him glory.

Jesus put stewardship into action. He used the time He had on earth wisely, never wasting a moment, but always working towards God’s plan. 

Memory Verse for August:


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'Zing - Teens and 'Tweens (Grades 5-9...ish)
1st, 2nd, & 3rd Sundays of the month (September through May)
Last Sunday of the Month -- Join your parents in the sermon!

9:45-10:00am - Check in at the sign-in table.  Get a name tag, and walk down the hall to the Teen Room.
10:00-10:45am - Grow in faith with a Bible Lesson & Discussion
10:50am - Then join mom and dad in church for prayers & praise.
In September & October --  Bible Stuff; God's Story

You’re God’s tool on earth.  But, you’re not just some rake or shovel that God wields to get things done.  There’s a bigger story.  And you’re part of it.  Your story is an integral part of God’s story.  He is working out his plan for salvation through everyone who follows him.  Which makes how we live our lives as Christians so important.  Being a Christian isn’t easy.  But we’ll take about ways you can  put your faith into action.

September 24th & October 1st - No Teens & 'Tweens Study
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Nursery- Infants and Toddlers
Amazing Grace has a staffed nursery every Sunday.
It is open to children ages 0-4 during the entire worship service.  You are welcome to take advantage of this and check the young ones in anytime after 9:45am.
Nursery kids will enjoy a Bible story, singing, snack time, and play time.

Sign in at the Grace Kids' Computer.  Get a name tag for your little one.  Then walk them over to the nursery door.