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  Grace Kids  
Teaching Kids to know Jesus better and to serve Him more.
Kids - have we got a fun time planned for you!  You are invited to your very own worship time.

Grace Kids - Elementary School (Grades K-5)
New Winter Times Starting January 1st --
1:15pm-1:30pm - Check in at the sign-in table.  
Get a name tag, then follow a GK volunteer down the hall for some singing and games.

1:30pm-2:15pm - Leaders engage kids with Activities, Bible Lessons, & Worship
Then they break into age groups for Small Group Discussions and activities.

2:20-2:45pm - The kids are escorted into church to join mom and dad for singing, prayers, and worship.

In March --

Throughout Scripture, we are reminded about God’s grace and forgiveness.

When our relationship with God was broken beyond repair, God offered His only Son as the way to forgive us and restore the broken relationship.

Since we are created in God’s image, we have the ability to offer forgiveness when people in our lives hurt us. God’s love in us makes it possible for us to forgive others and work towards fixing our own relationships that break down from time to time.  Jesus made it possible for us to have God’s forgiveness. We will spend the month of March taking a closer look at the way forgiveness shows up throughout a few of the parables Jesus told His followers. 

Memory Verse for March:  

In Colossians 3:13, we read, “Put up with one another. Forgive one another if you are holding something against someone. Forgive, just as the Lord forgave you.” (NIrV) 

Download the March Parent Cues
In April --

God has no beginning and no end. God is the creator and sustainer of the universe. He deserves all of our worship and praise for what He has done and continues to do in our life.

On the other hand, we are humans, created by God. And while we are the crowns of God’s creation, we are nothing without our Creator God.  Yet so often, we act like we are God. We allow our pride
to take over and forget that any of our strengths or accomplishments would not exist without God. The only proper response in light of God’s greatness is to respond with humility in our interactions with the people around us. 

As we celebrate Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection this Easter season, we’ll be taking a closer look at the way humility shows up throughout the end of Jesus’ time on earth. 

Download the April Parent Cues
Grace Kids - Middle School (Grades 6-8)
1st, 2nd, & 3rd Sundays of the month (September through May)
Last Sunday of the Month -- Join your parents in the sermon!

New Winter Times Starting January 1st --
1:15-1:30pm - Check in at the sign-in table.  Get a name tag, and walk down the hall to the XP3 Room.
1:30-2:20pm - Grow in faith with Bible Lesson & Discussion
2:20-2:45pm - Then join mom and dad in church for prayers & praise.
In March --

What do you think about when you hear the word “overflow”? Maybe you’re remembering that time you tossed a Mentos into a bottle of Diet Coke just to see what would happen. Or maybe you’re picturing the way your room looked when you forgot to clean it...for the third month in a row. Or maybe when you hear “overflow,” you think about the way you felt when you convinced yourself eating fifty chicken nuggets was a good idea. Whatever images come to mind for you, overflow is what this series is about. It’s about letting things in our lives—the right kinds of things—overflow. It’s about experiencing something, or having something, and then sharing it with someone else. Because when we let the right things in our lives overflow, it can end up having a big effect on the world around us. 

March 26th - No Middle School Grace Kids

Download the "Overflow" ParentCue
In April-- 

Have you ever thought about how many times a day you switch things on or off? The lights. Your alarm. Your hair dryer. Your phone. The TV. But have you ever thought about your faith as having an on or off switch, too? Sometimes it’s really hard to keep our faith switched “on” all the time. No matter how big our faith in God is, sometimes we all face things that make it difficult to have faith in God. Sometimes those things can become so big that they actually “turn off” our faith. Kind of like a switch. Guilt. Doubt. Judgment. Even our feelings. All of these things have the ability, in some way, to switch off our faith. But what if they didn’t have to? What if these things had the ability to switch “on” our faith instead? In this series, we’ll take a look at the life of Peter—a man who is known today as having great faith in God—because when Peter wrestled with guilt, doubt, judgment, and even his own feelings, he found a way to let each of those things switch his faith “on” instead of switching it “off.” 

Easter Sunday, April 16th - No Middle School Grace Kids - join in the sermon 


Download the "Switch" ParentCue
Nursery- Infants and Toddlers
Amazing Grace has a staffed nursery every Sunday.
It is open to children ages 0-4 during the entire worship service.  You are welcome to take advantage of this and check the young ones in anytime after 5:15pm.
Sign in at the Grace Kids' Computer.  Get a name tag for your little one.  Then walk them over to the nursery door.