I'm New

  I'm New  
What happens on a Sunday morning? 
That’s a great question and it’s always “fun” to go to a place for the first time and not know what’s going to happen.  Will I have to stand up and introduce myself? (NO)  Will the pastor call on me in the sermon?  (NO)  Will I be bored out of my mind?  (We hope not!)
Clothing:  Wear what you are comfortable with in public.  God looks at the heart.  So dress up or come casual it’s all good with us.
Offering:  You are our guest.  We don’t want anyone giving to our church until they know what we stand for and have full confidence that we are going to use any gifts wisely and for the glory of God.  So let that plate pass—guilt free!
Normal Sunday Schedule
9:45-10:00am  Come into the sanctuary and listen to the music, take some time to think, pray, read the Bible or get to know someone new.
9:45am This is as early as you can check the kids into the Nursery (Infant—3) or 'Zing (4-15).  At 'Zing the kids will get a message from the Bible at their age level as well as activities and singing.  Teens and 'Tweens hang out in the teen room and discuss what the BIble has to say on a variety of topics.  They will join the family in church later. (Children in the Nursery can stay the whole service.)
More about the Nursery & 'Zing

10:00am  The service begins with song and prayer.  Then we dig into God’s Word.  The pastor leads us through a study in the Bible.  This is where we get to really listen to what God is saying to us in our world and life.
10:45am  'Zing Kids join their families in the sanctuary for the rest of the service, songs, prayers, Lord’s Supper.  (We celebrate the family of believers who have gone before us and praise God that countless people join them in our times.  Because of that we use songs and elements of worship both traditional and contemporary.)
11:15am  The service ends by 11:15am at the latest.  Stay and Say "hi" to someone you don’t know—they may be a lifelong member or brand new.  Pick up any kids from the nursery (very important that one) and have a great week!

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